Volume 187-17 Primary Election Edition August 26th, 2012

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We have watched our city being led to the proverbial wolves by a man, Jim Lane, we trusted and fully supported in the last election to take us away from the mess Mary Manross left us which he promised to do.

Instead, Lane and his Cronies and Power Brokers along with the notorious Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce have destroyed the downtown area as we long time residents knew it, loved it, and we were proud to show it off....

Let's have No more under Mayor Lane, the Downtown is nothing more then a bunch of dens of iniquity, drunks, money changers, hoodlums, gang bangers, and n'er do wells who don't live or pay taxes in Scottsdale.

The presence of those bar patrons cost the taxpayers of Scottsdale millions of dollars in clean up and police, fire, and ambulance action related costs annually.......

This edition will address those items and the overwhelming need to VOTE Jim Lane and his "Chamber Hangers" out of office IMMEDIATELY by electing those who have been publicly involved and given to the city for years to keep the "Scottsdale Brand" family oriented and a safe place to grow up and live!!!

John Washington for Mayor:

John has been involved with the city and it's destination for decades and is the best choice for Mayor in this Primary Election.

Chose 3 of the 4 well qualified, very involved, unencumbered citizens for council seats:

Guy Phillips

Chris Schaffner

Joanne “Copper” Phillips

Bill Crawford

Totally disregard and eliminate ALL others on the ballot because, in the opinions of many, they all either have personal agendas, huge self-fed egos, no history of community involvement, are tied tightly to the notorious Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, or have been coerced into running to divide the electorate and to allow  Jim Lane and his Cronies to maintain the stranglehold they have on OUR city!


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~The Editor Speaks.....

As the owner and publisher of the Scottsdale Activist which is a solely owned and operated website for those who care about the city of Scottsdale, it needs to be restated that we are not sponsored by anyone nor take any money or donations to keep this website alive. We have a volunteer staff that works on the Activist as we have time and the availability of solid information.

We have been very lucky to have many sources deep within the city who give us the "Nitty Gritty" on what's going on much to the chagrin of the likes of Lane, Richert, Eberhardt, Padian and others who want everything their way. We write and post this site at the pleasure and information of our readers which cannot be found in any publication available in today's screwed up world of bought and paid for media.

Information we are trying to get more verifiable information on:

  • Which city council member reportedly was involved in a hit and run, was seen and reported by witnesses, was arrested a short time later for extreme DUI but apparently had that record expunged and never had to go to court or answer the charges?

  • Why did David Richert resign? Was it a personal reason or was there something that went on within the city that could have got him in dire straits with some others?

  • What do David Richert, Cindi Eberhardt, and

  • It has now been heard from three reliable sources that our buddy Dave (Opps, I was caught) Richert  is going around town telling people that if the “right people” (Klapp, Korte and Louma) are elected to Council he (Richert) will be back as City Manager in January! Really??? How does he plan to do that???? By Hook or by Crook????

  • How many on any staff within the city have been arrested for DUI and have also had their records expunged??

  • Why doesn't City Attorney Bruce Washburn retire and save the citizens the need to start an investigation into all of the above by the State or Federal Attorneys General?

From the words coming from deep inside, there has been some "hanky panky" going on within a number of departments and management types and all we have to do is get to the right people to fully expose the crimes and who supported or suppressed said crimes if they in fact occurred which we're told they did.

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~Who and what is Steve and/or JP Twist??

WHO is the mayor’s assistant Steve or JP Twist  (supposedly also working for the entire council)….

  1. Is either Twist presenting city positions at the microphone in place of the mayor?
  2. Is either Twist conducting public open houses in place of the mayor?
  3. Is either Twist doing this because the mayor is incapable or incapacitated?  


  1. What other unknown duties are under the table for the Twist Duo?
  2. Who approved the pay and position for Steve and/or JP Twist?
  3. Is the Twist Duo the “mayor office” face who meets with officials from elsewhere? 
  4. Is the Twist Duo the face and voice for the council/mayor at other regional meetings?

Could it be that Mayor Jim Lane is over his head and can’t figure things out on his own?

We elected this man 4 years ago thinking he was what we needed…….Were we sold a bill of goods???

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~Scottsdale Leadership?

The Scottsdale Leadership program started out as a tool to educate citizens about how the city runs and to get heavy citizen involvement. Mayor Herb Drinkwater wanted ALL citizens to have input and made it his goal to reduce the city input into the process and to allow the citizens to guide the staff and elected officials. Herb was ALWAYS available to talk and listen to the citizens whether he agreed with us or not.

Under Mayor Mary Manross, things changed to the degree that she listened but rarely took any advice she was offered.

Under the secretive Jim Lane Regime, The citizens have been cut out of the process except the "anointed" few Lane trusts to get him re-elected or can do something for him, like get him elected to a County or State office. Lane WILL NOT sit down and discuss anything with what he apparently regards as "know nothing" citizens who have lived in the city for decades.

Lane has no real interest in the City of Scottsdale nor it's citizen but certainly listens to those who want to build bars and ruin what's left of the downtown area, especially those that can help him get to a higher County or State office.  

Now, Scottsdale Leadership is nothing more then a taxpayer funded indoctrination by Mayoral, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, or other city official personal invitations to those who own businesses in the bar district, the Power Brokers, people in power who want to step up to replace those whom are either fired, term limited out or asked to leave.

Many local hotels warn their international and out of town visitors that the downtown area isn't the safest place after 6 or 7 in the evening because of the bar owners and patrons who couldn't care less about the city of it's residents.

It's time Scottsdale Leadership was defunded, defrocked, and taken out of the hands of the power hungry elected PooBahs who think they know everything (citizens be damned) and have control be returned to the citizens to be handled as Mayor Drinkwater intended for it to be!!

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~Special Letter to the Editor

 A special note to Jim Lane from a former resident of Scottsdale recently returned from the Middle East.................

I supported you when you ran for Council and then reluctantly supported you when you ran for mayor. Like a lot of other GIs I’ve seen the results of the way you have conducted the city’s business in the Middle East. No, I won’t give you my name, in fact I am not allowed to for security reasons, but these thoughts have crossed my mind while I’ve been away and watching what is happening at every level of government back home.

Jim Lane: Activities of a Mayor when you are an Elected Mayor:

~ You set the tone for the conduct of daily business. You don't bandy about the term "transparency" then close the community out of discussions.

~ You don’t hole up in your office and expect the world to come to you. You communicate; you go to the people your talk to everyone citizens and city employees. 

~ You do your own homework and don’t rely on administrative assistants to interpret concerns and solutions. 

~ You don’t forget the citizens who elected you and only listen to those who contribute big bucks to your “next” campaign and offer you copious photo ops.

 ~ You make sure staff listens and respects the community voices. 

~ You remember that the buck stops at your office. You don't get huffy when people disagree with you and you don't shut the door when there are questions you can't answer immediately. You find the answers and promptly.

~ You make sure that you communicate with all citizens and businesses, no matter how small, no matter where they live, no matter what  the issue.

~ You make sure that all of your boards and commissions are aware of and committed to the General Plan, city charter, or whatever document directs the daily function of government and serving the best interest of all of the residents.

~ You understand the need to build consensus, not shove things down the throats of tax payers without so much as a nod to their concerns.

~ You lead, not your administrative staff or your political advisers, and not just for photo ops at fundraisers.

Mr. Lane, If you can’t do all of the above, then you don’t deserve to be elected to the office of Mayor again.

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~What Jim Lane promised........

.......and Wrongly claims as his accomplishments:

*The McDowell Sonoran Preserve and the Desert Discovery Center. 

We all want it finished, but how are we going to pay as much as $2 billion for it?

We are still working on the McDowell Sonoran Preserve and we did purchase some more land, but there is still more land to be acquired.  And we are nowhere near agreement on where and what and how the Desert Discovery Center is going to be, what it will look like or even whether it will be built. Building consensus is not a concern for Mayor Lane

He has taken no hand in trying to bring all interested parties together. This was an important point for Lane when he ran in 2008.

*Common sense and affordable traffic solutions. 

Lanes lame answer?  Build more roundabouts.... now on heavily traveled roads? Really??

*Synchronized traffic lights, pull-out lanes for trolleys and buses, right turn lanes at busy intersections. 

None, but he sure fell in love with "roundabouts." And while at it, the city shut down the underused Loloma transit center and they still can’t figure out what to do as the property sits abandoned. We will finally get a transit station at SkySong, but how is that to serve the East West Valley Metro routes on Camelback, Indian School and Thomas Roads? Apparently, folks coming into Scottsdale to work on those routes can just stand in the sun or in the "artsy" bus shelters that don't do much to block the sun in the afternoon...but hey, they are Public Art.

*Positive and fair business environment.  

No. If you are a big business or a developer the door is always open. If you are a small business owner, particularly in the southern part of Scottsdale, there has been no attempt to help promote your businesses or promote the area as a good place to live and do business. There is no attempt to reach out to small business owners when they apply for permits and licenses. 

 The City has refused to provide the matching funds program to southern Scottsdale small business that they provided for the Downtown businesses for many years. Those funds helped to improve store fronts improving curb appeal, help do minor building repairs, and those funds helped to provide advice on how to promote the business and increase community awareness.

And the "redevelopment area" designation has not been removed from the area that cast a negative light on the economic viability of the area. But they will let the businesses unite themselves into and tax themselves to create improvements. Equity does not exist between Southern Scottsdale and the Downtown in the minds of the city administrators.

The city closed the Downtown Office that effectively did outreach to businesses and property owners in the Downtown, Fifth Avenue and Old Town areas to assist in promotion of the area and special events and also brought quick response to problems that arose due to code violations, safety, marketing and tourism and transportation. Is it any wonder that the entertainment business grew every which way without attention?

*Cut red tape and bureaucratic roadblocks to business owners, treat businesses large and small equally and fairly. 

One cannot deny that "red tape" and so called "bureaucratic roadblocks" were cut for some businesses. In the Downtown those "cuts" and "roadblocks" were what helped give us the mess we have today.  Some in City Hall tell us that all of those bars just sort of happened. 

 When a city decides to fast track businesses and ignore the policies and procedures that exist as checks and balances which are in place to protect the whole community, it creates more problems and increased costs for the whole city.

When administrators ignore their responsibilities to review and update policies and procedures, especially when they are brought home to rest as profoundly as they have been in the Downtown, they open the door wide for abuse of public codes and ordinances. 

Those reviews and updates should have immediately taken place for our Liquor License Application Policy and Procedures as things evolved in the Downtown. Those policies haven’t been reviewed in over 10 years and oddly enough the Mayor didn't think it warranted review after the Omnibus Liquor Law Updates in 2010. 

There wasn't even a public discussion with the City Attorney's office on the impact of that Legislation on our city's codes and ordinances. When citizens requested a discussion they were told it wasn't necessary.

When the term "Entertainment District" was brought to the table by the Downtown Task Force in 2010 city planning staff did not know what the business owners on the Task Force were talking about or where that "Entertainment District" was located. 

The fact is that the Downtown Plan has no definition for, or description of what an "Entertainment District" is, or how guidelines for its development.

Rather than revisiting the Downtown Plan to correct that problem the Mayor took on the little issues, litter, public urination, and noise abatement in closed door meetings with the individuals involved and never brought recommended changes to the public hearing process for discussion and appropriate implementation. 

Policies and procedures were ignored and now there is nothing to provide oversight of the changes made, ordinances amended or programs proposed. Nothing was put into place to provide opportunities to update any of the changes to make sure concerns were addressed.

In fact, by bypassing the city's legal boards and commissions Mayor Lane has left the city vulnerable to legal challenges and increased liability on the things that have been instituted without due process.

Appeasement of the bar owners and developers was the main focus of attention, while giving residents the feeling that they were being heard. There is a vast difference between hearing and understanding and the Mayor doesn't get it.

*Again start including residents in the decision-making process as in the past.

There is an adage "Promises are made to be broken." So it goes full bore with Mayor Lane. On the one hand we have his efforts in the Downtown, bandages for the real problem, but, yes, the appearance is that "residents" were involved.

Fact is those residents were hand-selected and even they weren't allowed to effect real change in the way things have been handled for redevelopment and  economic revitalization either in the Downtown Character Area, or the surrounding Southern Scottsdale Character Area. Those two areas will rely on one another for infill development. No mechanism for resident dialogue has been created. No process of oversight exists.

No person, board, commission, or policies are in place that would provide for efficient and timely communications with residents and with developers and business owners.

*Revitalize our Citizen Boards and Commissions, include everyone and exclude no one. 

Good government requires doing "general housekeeping" and that includes reviewing whether boards, commission, programs and policies are functioning today as they were intended to function when they were created.  City Council ordered an audit of the boards and commissions which was helpful. But it pretty much stopped there. Other than making sure that all of the boards and commissions held to the same working policies (terms of service, by laws, liaisons, postings, forms of agendas and minutes) it is still business as usual.

Two bodies were merged to form the new Neighborhood Advisory Commission, but some of the most important changes that sworn board and commission members sighted as important were ignored. 

The most important of these was/is better communications between the boards and commissions and council; and boards and commissions communication with one another. All boards and commissions serve in advisory capacity to Council key to that is communications.

The Mayor and Council provide boards and commissions with next to know dialogue. In years past under Drinkwater and Campana, mayor and council members held dialogues at least once a year on topics of concern to the community, now there is nothing. It is safe to say that individual board and commission members meet with, call and email council individually, but there is no opportunity for a formal group discussion of concerns from either side.

What is more, there is no opportunity for boards and commissions to discuss concerns when things overlap. Infill development and the infill incentive district for example impact several areas of policy:   housing, transportation, neighborhood revitalization (site planning, pedestrian friendly, landscaping, etc.) and neighborhood safety and character area development to name a few.

There is no chance for the Planning Commission to dialogue with the Transportation Commission, the Development Review Board, the Neighborhood Advisory Commission or the Environmental Quality Advisory Board to make sure that all of the tenets of the General Plan and the Character area plans are scrutinized and employed to retain the quality of life for all residents. This leaves us without implementation for all of the elements of the General Plan which of course makes it easier for developers to get zoning amendments.

Board and commission members asked to have such opportunities included in the work plans created after the Audit. The Mayor said, during discussion at a City Council meeting, that he only wanted the boards and commissions to talk to him.

*Actual, written long-term planning and leadership. 

If we are to have "real long-term planning" then the idea of allowing endless zoning amendments to take place needs to stop. And the attitude of "cutting through red tape" needs to change. If you have a real, valid, thoughtful General Plan that lays the guidelines for future development then you cannot waive those requirements for the whim of every developer who decides they want to color outside of the lines on the basics. Developers do have people creative enough to know how to make a project in compliance.

Our General Plan needs to be citizen driven and leadership must accept that fact while conducting the business of the people.

Spot development has created costly problems that will take a long time solve and it does not lend itself to long term economic revitalization.

*Stop being completely reactive and start creating the future we all want, not what the privileged few ask for or pay for. 

Everything that this Mayor has done has been reactive. There has been no attempt to provide an orderly process or policies to address the future. The most glaring things are the creation of the Infill Incentive District and the failure of the General Plan Update. 

Both processes were heavily flawed because the citizen voice was stifled. No thought was given to a vision of the future. When the voters defeated the General Plan Update, leadership did not know what to do or how to do it. And so we wait on the Mayor to figure it out.

*Stop waste, redundancy, and inefficiency in city government. 

The biggest waste we have seen was the buy-out of employees seeking to retire as the city downsized staff. Not that those employees weren't due their fair share, but the exorbitant packages that some walked away with when we have been in a serious budget crunch, have hurt the city's ability to compensate current long time employees appropriately.

Loosing numerous long time department heads and middle managers means that experience and history working in and with the community in an efficient manner. Every department has seen problems arise that are repeats of old problems. Problems that this growing community had met and solved, but now must figure out how to address efficiently and effectively again with fewer people with experience.

One would think that with the financial mess of 2008 that the mayor would have had a comprehensive plan in place to guide all departments and city programs rather than the "Big Budget Bust-up" that goes on for months every year and gives little idea of what the heck to expect.

*Rigorous, regular and open reviews of all city programs, departments and top employees including the Mayor’s Office.

Fine words, but this has not happened and won't happen without the previously mentioned dialogue.

*Protect the Scottsdale brand. 

The Scottsdale brand is determined by ALL of the citizens and protecting it is the responsibility of ALL citizens.

No special interest group or individual should be allowed to alter that brand and the vision that created. These are things established by the community Vision set forth in the General Plan. Every decision that the Mayor and individual council members make should, and must, be based upon comprehension of the brand and the General Plan and the Visioning process that created it.

Not SoSco, as suggested by the Notorious Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce. How insulting and stupid is that?

It is not so hard to do. Just read the document.

*Open, honest government; widespread citizen involvement; fair business rules and practices; strong guardian of taxpayers’ hard-earned money; respect for every resident; unify competing interests for the benefit of everyone. 

Words, noble and politically correct, but there is little to show of solid worth, for the last four years of Mayor Lane's leadership(?). 

The Downtown problems haven't been solved for the long term. The southern Scottsdale redevelopment has not been addressed. Big residential projects are good, but there is nothing else to show following the McDowell Corridor Task Force. 

No neighborhood revitalization efforts, infrastructure upgrades are incomplete (some hanging fire since the 2000 bond), no help for small businesses that have struggled and remained opened for almost 10 years, no efforts to promote the neighborhoods around SkySong as a good place to live and do business, no outreach to residents to address their neighborhood concerns and ideas for improvement.


  • What we have is a Mayor who has turned his back on the people who worked so hard to elect him.
  • A Mayor who has totally ignored his promises to make sure that the citizen voice was heard as an important part of redevelopment and economic revitalization.
  • What we have is a Mayor who has stepped away from the people and the promises he made for transparency in government.
  • A Mayor who has capitulated to special interests and quick fix schemes.

We can and MUST do better for the "Scottsdale Brand"!!!

One city-wide organization advocating for smart land use, the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale, has it right "Your Vote is Your Voice."

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~Seriously, who is Eric Luoma?  

I have been a small business owner in the McDowell/Scottsdale Road corridors for over 20 years and this guy Luoma had never been on the radar.  Just because his mom and dad own a florist shop in north Scottsdale and he was a member of the Scottsdale Leadership program run by the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce does not endear him to those of us who have worked just as hard as his parents to keep our businesses and the city going.

Besides that, there isn't one of my neighbors who has had him knock on the door and talk about what concerns they have and find out how he is willing to protect our mature neighborhoods.

None of the things that he has been involved in or speaks out about have anything to do with neighborhoods, quality housing, workforce housing, the City's Housing Strategy, the Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plan, the Downtown Character Area Plan, the Airpark Character Area Plan, the General Plan or the long term economic revitalization of the McDowell/ Scottsdale Road Corridors. But hey, he is a Charro and he sits on the  Scottsdale Active 20/30 Club (for whatever that’s worth to the residents and taxpayers)

Except for his love of the "infill incentive district" that is allowing taller and more massive buildings to built on our borders with the Downtown and his love for the “entertainment district” that is defined no where in city planning language. Yep this guy is following in lock step with the Chamber of Commerce, the developers, Kidder, and Korte and all those who take direction from the Chamber Executive Board.

Oh, and he claims to advocate for  City of Scottsdale Fire & EMS Committee (Is he one of those who let that fire station on our northern border sit there for two or three years in a mobile building infested with rats that the County Health Department said had to shut down? The same station where fire trucks have no garage and sit in the sun and the dust storms and equipment has to be replaced long before the normal due dates? Way to advocate Mr. Luoma.) 

He has served on the Greater Phoenix Boys & Girls Club Executive Council. Does he know that Scottsdale does have the Greater Scottsdale Boys & Girls Club and they can sure use volunteers, too?

Where is Louma's support for the Scottsdale home grown Boys and Girls Club???

Mr. Louma, come down to our southern neighborhoods and get to know us. We aren't as fancy as the neighborhood you grew up in, but we are real people working every day and trying to help our neighborhoods stay safe and our help our fellow businessmen and women continue to function.

We are not the first ones to say it, but dang do we kinda miss Mary Manross just a little tiny bit. Did we really just say that???

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~ The Orange Coalition???

The sense of loss set in almost as soon as Lane finished taking the oath of office.

When we elected
Jim Lane we didn’t realize that we installed the ORANGE Coalition and the Goldwater Institute in the Mayor’s, office too.

The Goldwater Institute is fairly well known, but what is the ORANGE Coalition? Well this is taken from their website:


To protect the rights of private property owners, including commercial, residential and business property owners as well as farmers, ranchers and other land owners.


To proactively promote public policies and laws that support protection of private property rights through education and advocacy. (Especially the rights of developers)

Guiding Principle

The ORANGE Coalition will engage the public when local government encroaches on private property rights, including misuse of eminent domain. The Coalition will inform and educate citizens to:

Oppose Abusive Condemnation Practices (except when it pertains to Scottsdale's mature single family neighborhoods)

Advance the Public Interest (as defined by the Chamber Commerce and the development community)

Protect Private Property Rights (again, as determined by the development community and the Office of Economic Vitality)

You may see Mayor Lane with his handlers Ray Torres (the Orange Coalition) and Steve Twist (a founder of the Goldwater Institute and Vice President and General Counsel for Services Group of America, a privately-held corporation with industry-leading companies in food-service, real estate and other services) and (yep, his son is the Mayor's administrative assistant) close at hand.

This gives you an idea as to how the Downtown problems were allowed to grow and grow and grow......and this is how Scottsdale has lost its vision and direction and respect for the quality of life of all of it’s residents.

Don’t be fooled by all of the talk about economic recovery. There has been a lot of dirt bought and sold in this city, but we are still waiting to see bricks and mortar.

  • Scottsdale Healthcare, Osborn or Shea, nothing yet.

  • BlueSky, nothing yet.

  • Solis, odd that the owner of the property actually picked it up at auction when his lenders foreclosed and auctioned it off.

  • Keep your eyes peeled for another round of "Lets move the SRP Sub-station and build a high-rise luxury condo project. That project started out to include workforce housing options but we are seeing that commitment drift away according to a recent article written by Brian Kearney, a strong supporter of Mayor Jim Lane and former executive director of the Chamber of Commerce Virginia Korte.

Mr. Brian Kearney, of the development company that has proposed BlueSky wrote a truly mean spirited article casting Baby Boomers as inconsequential. 

As we see it, Mr. Kearney reminds us of the 3 monkeys.

Even more important is that he is now casting this project, that was approved by the Planning Commission and City Council as having "workforce family" options that could accommodate "fire fighters, teachers, secretary's, medical workers and police officers". And as having "monthly rents that are exceeding that of a typical mortgage payment, (for folks who will have) income levels that will undoubtedly exceed median or average income levels in the community) states that his apartments are geared for "Gen Y" members, who are more involved in the community than anytime since the 1940's."

Well, please produce those Gen Y'ers right now. Those that volunteer where needed, not those who volunteer where it is politically expedient and a good way to promote their businesses. Scottsdale Leadership trains many of those folks and they are geared to volunteering as a way to promote their businesses and to change the city to the way the Power Brokers want it, Gee, does greed and selfishness ring a bell here???

Oh, and by the way Mayor Lane, you lied to the Housing Board during two presentation in 2010 and 2011 because we asked and you assured us that there would be affordable workforce housing options available at BlueSky. You even promised to provide funding for a period of 15 years for housing programs such as emergency repairs and senior housing adaptations for low income seniors living on fixed incomes. Apparently the Planning Commission and the Council majority thought Public Art was more important because that is where the money went.

These are not the folks who know all Scottsdale, understand all of Scottsdale's neighborhoods and all of the needs of the community. They don't get down and dirty building, cleaning up or offering a helping hand to someone who needs food right now, a bath and clean clothes, or just plain water on a very hot day.

If Mr. Kearney's intent was to promote apartment living then he should take a look at the subject of "aging in place." That of course would mean that he would have to understand the Character Area Planning of Scottsdale and the needs of the Boomer generation he so denigrates in his Scottsdale Republic article of August 11, 2012. Don't look for the article on line, because they don't publish "My Turn" articles online.

Small businesses popping up in our Downtown continue to be bars. We tear down bars to build.... more bars. I refer you to the new Triyar project at Indian Plaza. Les Corieri and Shawn Yari tore down Myst and Suede to build the Beach Club. They assemble that whole area parcel by parcel buying some up by paying the outstanding taxes. It is legal. Is it ethical or is it being a civic mined Gen Y’er citizen with the best interest of all residents at heart? We think not: Again, outright greed and selfishness rule handily........

This is not long term revitalization....bars last a couple of years and then they need a new concept, something new to draw the crowd because the crowds and their money, drugs, and gang bangers move on often.

Our art galleries in the downtown are suffering thanks to the bars, and no effort being put into how the two could be compatible in the future. Our arts district has been treated like the red headed stepchild when it was the art district that was the primary draw for decades.

There have been zoning amendments that have gone with the buying and selling of the dirt. What one developer has proposed doesn’t mean a new owner will has to build it. The project may meet the zoning requirements, but have a different site plan, more intense massing of buildings, different landscaping and different use. 

Remember that Mayor Lane had a chance to protect our quality of life and approve an ordinance stating that "zoning goes with the project and not the dirt" and if the developer did not start construction with in two years the zoning reverted back to the original designation. If the developer sold the property the zoning amendments did not automatically go to the new owner. The new owner would have to reapply with his proposed project. 

Mayor Jim Lane flatly refused to do even consider that language.

Lane then underscored his disregard for neighborhoods and the Downtown and Southern Scottsdale Character Area Plans by enthusiastically supporting the Infill Incentive District zoning that was rammed through Council in July of 2010.

This Infill Incentive District is apt to happen in the Bell Road Corridor, the Shea Corridor and the McDowell/Scottsdale Road Corridors. There is nothing on the books to disallow it and in fact one rezoning has already take place outside of the Downtown Planning Area where the IID was to have been confined.

Lane REFUSES to entertain language that would keep the IID from being used elsewhere.

The Planning Commission? What is up with that?

If any of the boards and commissions should be scrutinized carefully it is the Planning Commission and lately that seems to be more important.

Commissioners Erik Filsinger (the commissioner who said the citizens voting to defeat the General Plan Update did not know what they were doing) and Chairman of the Planning Commission, Michael D'Andrea, have had to recuse themselves from deliberations on projects before the Planning Commission because "they work for the developer."

Yes good people of Scottsdale, this is why many question the wisdom of having only architects, engineers, builders and developers on the Planning Commission. It never used to be that way until we got into this "spot development" situation.  

Recalling late Mayor Herb Drinkwater's oft spoken words and his choices for appointment, you know that the voice of the people is very important on the Planning Commission. 

This is why he worked on creating a commission to deal with all things pertaining to neighborhoods, from code enforcement and property maintenance and rehab and remodels, to impacts of infill development on mature neighborhoods throughout the city.

For the last 8 years we have had Councils that completely ignore these things and the voice of the neighbors. This is not just impacting southern Scottsdale and the far north but it will be coming to an area close to McCormick Ranch very soon.  

Thanks to the current Mayor everything is a crap shoot. Instant economic recovery (which isn't happening) is all he cares about.  He does not care about your quality of life or long range economic vitality. 

If the requirements to serve on the Planning Commission are not addressed with more equanimity residents and neighborhoods can kiss it all including the "Scottsdale Brand" good-bye.

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~Doing the Math....


Jim Lane got a little aggravated at me at the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce debate Wednesday at Grayhawk. His hot button is apparently the budget. He’s a former CPA, so it SHOULD be a hot button for him.

He brags constantly about bringing a more business-like approach to city government. Ironically, I got dressed down by one of his supporters last week for saying something just like that, and this fellow said,

Anyone who says they want to run the city like a business would soon find themselves in jail.

Jim’s biggest objection seems to be my observation that we have an $8 million deficit. Jim has never actually SAID we don’t have a  deficit. He has SAID we have a “balanced budget.” More on that choice of words in a moment.

Meanwhile, here’s an explanation from Wikipedia:

Deficits occur when a government’s expenditures exceed the revenue that it generates.

From the budget presentation by the City Treasurer on June 5, the difference between planned expenditures ($250.3 million) and projected revenue ($242 million) is about $8 million. I happen to believe the revenue projections are irresponsibly optimistic and the actual deficit will wind up being larger, but that’s another subject.

Jim has also taken me to task for my concerns about the city’s debt. He doesn’t disagree with the number, but he says that most of the debt is from voter-approved bonds. Does that make it any less of a debt?

This definition (again from Wikipedia) of debt also brings to light another issue,

The meaning of ‘deficit’ differs from that of ‘debt’, which is an accumulation of yearly deficits.

“Accumulation of yearly deficits,” has an ominous ring to it. And at the Wednesday night forum hosted by the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, Jim actually said, “We don’t have a sustainable budget.” I’m not sure how he reconciles that against his previous statements that we don’t have a deficit, however.

To the point of “Deficit” vs. “Balanced Budget,” I believe that there’s been some nuance applied to this argument. We have “balanced” the budget by transferring money out of reserves and into the General Fund account to cover the deficit. However, that does NOT mean we do NOT have a deficit!

If we keep this up until we run out of reserves, we are eventually going to have to increase revenue (not likely in the near future), borrow to make up the difference, raise taxes, and/or cut services.

Bottom line: This year’s budget is $7 million more than last year, and it includes an $8 million deficit which will add to a $1.3 billion debt.

Editors Note: John Washington is the ONLY viable candidate for Mayor in the opinion of many!

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~OK, OK!!! We hear you!!

We have been pummeled by emails and phone calls asking why we hadn’t been putting out the Scottsdale Activist for a while.

The answer(s) is really very simple:

Because of some of our staff have moved out of the city because of their total disappointment in the totally wrong direction of Scottsdale city government, or took jobs elsewhere to better support their families, our staff has diminished accordingly. A few of us are still working 40 and 50 hour weeks to keep our heads above water economically which makes it hard to put in another 40 to 100 hours for every edition that we put out for you to get caught up with the closed door decisions.

For others, because of a demanded necessity for far more involvement (voluntary) in the city to try to stop the train wreck brought on by Mary Manross and now doubly troubling problems, very questionable changes, and erroneous decisions by Mayor Jim Lane where he has turned 180o away from his campaign promises, they are very busy too. Biggest problem is Mayor Jim Lane and his majority cohorts on the city council controlled by the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, plus a city management staff that has zero knowledge or caring for our rich city history. So, for personal reasons, we had to allocate our time differently.

With the city now in the throes of a possible dictatorship by a group seen as an uncontrollable few with ulterior motives, it became necessary to bring the Scottsdale Activist back as often as we can but with no particular schedule. Also the now desperate need to expose the far less then open city government Mayor Jim Lane promised, and the total takeover and rolling over of the city laws and ordinances without a public vote by our city council, city management team(?), and city legal department, we need to be back in the fight to save the city of Scottsdale from those that would destroy Scottsdale as we know it if at all possible.

Some of you may not like the harsh tenor the Activist will now take but someone has to do something to stop the inevitable train wreck we see looming in the immediate future if we and the voters don’t make the changes necessary to stop the raping, pillaging, and destruction of the city.

We also would like to point out other on-line publications that have seen the problems and deserve attention too. When you have this many in opposition to the Mayor and city government, something has gone terribly wrong with the system.





We are always looking for city residents who wish to opine on any and all city goings-on so feel free to send anything you have to us to:


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~Who Should be Elected as our New Mayor??

The new mayor has to be someone we as everyday residents and property owners can openly relate to and have access to any time it be deemed necessary to do so by us.

We need to make sure that money doesn’t buy the office of Mayor this time under any condition by watching closely who makes the contributions. Many of Jim Lanes contributions have apparently come from city commercial property owners or those with an interest in coming city ordinances which if passed will help fill their financial pockets.

That person needs to be honest, not self-serving, and must care more about the city then the office he/she holds. No one will ever be another Herb Drinkwater, but they must encompass his ideals.

That person needs to be divorced from any and all developers, and all campaign contributions need to be vetted to make sure there is no conflict of interest from those with money who can be "helped" by the contribution; i.e. someone owning property on McDowell or Scottsdale Road, or the owner of a privately owned public service utility, emergency organization, or companies making a major donation to a separate PAC or the candidate to gain favor with the candidates.

He must be someone who understands that there is always an open invitation to, and therefore attends all citizen organization meetings possible, discusses city issues honestly when asked, and is open to give direct answers to questions from attendees at such meetings.

Have you ever seen former Mayor Mary Manross or current Mayor Jim Lane regularly attend citizen meetings unless there is an election coming or a pet project they wanted supported? Rarely if ever!!

Mayor Herb Drinkwater certainly did and reveled in working with peers and constituents alike. Herb would meet you at the drop of a hat any time anywhere and the city is not that much larger then it was then, so Mayor Lane has no excuse. Drinkwater met with the resident property owners, not the power brokers.

How many council members have you ever seen regularly attend citizen meetings unless there is an election coming or a pet project they want supported? Rarely if ever with one exception - Bob Littlefield!!

Whether it’s a meeting of the Scottsdale Coalition, The Community Council of Scottsdale, or COGS (Council Of Greater Scottsdale), and some northern citizen groups, the ONLY elected person who can be found at any and all meetings of these groups is Councilman Bob Littlefield!!

The ONLY Mayoral candidate whom you have seen often at city council meetings and all community citizen meetings and deeply involved as a citizen in city workings is John Washington.

Let’s face it folks, we are now under the total control of an out of control Rogue Scottsdale City Council controlled by council members who are either members of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, totally support the Chamber, or seem to be in bed with developers and political advisors who advocate for developers. The city management team Cow-Tows to that same rouge council and mayor, so they need to be fired immediately after we elect a new council and Mayor.

We also need to make sure we contribute to the campaigns of Chris Schaffner, Guy Phillips, Joanne "Copper" Phillips, and Bill Crawford for City Council (vote for 3 of the 4), and John Washington for Mayor. All five (5) follow the philosophy that Scottsdale needs to return to being the city we all moved here to raise our children with a respectable Downtown that caters to families and family businesses.

They are against light rail and want to force a full crackdown on the expansion of density and illegal bar activity in the downtown as well as the stopping the expansion of commercial areas to North Scottsdale as well as many other issues the current Rogue Council fails to care about.

All other candidates are totally tied to the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce or special interest groups with the appearance of trying to make sure Jim Lane is re-elected and we cannot allow that to happen!!

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~Mayor Jim Lane Speaks…….but from where?

Mayor Lane has declared that:

"We have a propensity to have public urination and defecation in areas of the downtown and in the entertainment district."

Here is the new ordinance: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/asset43297.aspx 

Oh Really???

Isn’t it Mayor Lane and his cohorts:

  • .....who made the downtown the "bar district" and the Hell Hole it has become as directed by Lane, the city council and city legal department acting like the 3 monkeys; See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil? (In the Western world, the above phrase is often used to refer to those who deal with impropriety by looking the other way, refusing to acknowledge it, or feigning ignorance.)

  • ......who have allowed the developers and Power Brokers to trump the neighborhoods and family businesses surrounding the downtown area by bringing in unwanted and uncontrolled crime, gang bangers, filth, graffiti, unbearable noise along with the continuing destruction of what tourists formerly visited Scottsdale to enjoy?

  • .....who asked City Prosecutors to explain why so many citations for urinating in public are being waived or dismissed in City Court (they used to be enforced until recently)?

Since when is the area where the bars are located called the "Entertainment District" when that area has never been given that designation in the General Plan or the Downtown Character Area Plan?

  • ......who have destroyed the Downtown retail and Gallery District piece by piece where the tourists formerly stayed in local hotels and spend their money instead of having gang bangers and unruly boozers coming from outside the city to party and in the process denigrate the city, then leave a mess in their wake?

  • ......who chose the addition of a plethora of bars over family oriented business knowing full well that the life of a bar is 5 years at the most, while family businesses when supported by the city and tourism live far longer with some lasting as long as 30 to 40 years?

  • Why hasn’t Mayor Lane ordered a review of our liquor license application policies and procedures for updates since the process has been updated in over 15 years?

  • What will Mayor Lane and his cohorts do when there is a shooting in the bar district as happened in Tempe? ……..Or a murder which must be in the foreseeable future per many law enforcement agencies because of the way the Bar District is attracting the most undesirable of humans, who are deteriorating the ambiance and family oriented attitude of the Downtown area?

  • ......who blindly(?) allowed City Manager Richert to reduce the payroll and budget for the Police Department that has now lost over 17 officers with more to leave due to a very unsatisfactory and possibly unsafe employment situation while Richert hired 5 new people with questionable qualifications for a total of about a $1,000,000 per year to a totally unnecessary department in this economy?

  • ......who have allowed City Manager Richert and his unqualified(?) or under qualified puppet Connie Padian to run roughshod over the historically in-place northern city zoning and building rules, stiff NAOS regulations, and allowable tree, shrub, and plant ordinances?

  • ......who have literally used City Attorney Bruce Washburn and the city legal department to totally disregard and dodge many city laws and ordinances through bogus or unique "legal opinions"?

  • Wasn’t it Mayor Jim Lane who campaigned and won by a slim margin (a little over 400 ballots) on the theme that Mayor Manross was destroying the city and that he would reverse those actions and bring back the family oriented and internationally renowned Scottsdale of Mayor Herb Drinkwater?

Hmmm…it seems that Mayor Jim Lane has totally slammed a nonsensical hammer over the head of, and then slapped the faces of those who supported him in a very minuscule victory over Mary Manross doesn’t it?

Do we really want to have this Turn-Coat and his Cohorts around for yet another disastrous 4 tax ridden years?

Who are all these people with Jim Lane?????

To quote a Fox News Channel: "We Report, YOU Decide"

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~ Who's Who: Jim Lane Re-Election Campaign??

We thought it was very interesting and extremely enlightening to find who the co-chairs for the Jim Lane for Mayor Election Committee were and what they own or who they are associated with in the city, city government, the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, or Rick Kidder and Virginia Korte, don’t you?

Could it be that many individuals and companies below are possibly members of the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce which Councilman Jim Lane railed heavily and often against before he drank the Kool Aid after being elected Mayor?

It would be very interesting to see how many people of companies below have contributed to Lane’s current $130,000 dollar election war chest wouldn’t it?

Wouldn’t it also be interesting to know how many listed below contributed to only Lane’s campaign or how many might get political favors or zoning preferences for donating based upon their affiliations?

How many conflicts of interest could one surmise could possibly exist based upon the list below?

We won’t know unless Lane gets re-elected will we? Of course and unless that happens before the election? Or if Lane doesn’t get elected? We may then never know will we?

Here is a supposed list of the Lane for Re-Election Co-Chairs as we were told exist of late:

  1. Ruben Alvarez,

  2. Co-founder and managing partner of The Molera Alvarez Group (MAG) a business development and consulting firm specializing in government affairs, public relations and community outreach. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  3. Lyle Anderson,

  4. Developer based in Scottsdale: Desert Highland's; Desert Mountain; Superstition Mountain; and The Reserve: Eco Resort; and other developments in New Mexico and Hawaii as well as Loch Loman Golf Club in Scotland which ran into financial difficulties and they divested. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  5. Tom Anderson,

  6. Owner Upperdeck Sports Bar and Grill; owner Club Tropican (Papago Plaza McDowell and Scottsdale Rds.- Type (genre):Bar, Dance Club, Live Music, Outdoors / Patio, Special Events. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  7. Music: Latin, Reggaeton, Bachata, Merengue, Rock en Espanol, Salsa

  8. Inside Info: Status: Open


  10. Dave Andrea,

  11. Restaurant broker for 3 DOWNTOWN Scottsdale restaurants with liquor licenses. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  12. Joe Arpaio,

  13. Maricopa County Sheriff

  14. Reg Ballantyne,

  15. Senior corporate officer Vanguard Health Systems

  16. Jane and Bill Barker,

  17. American Gem Trade Association

  18. Will Barnow,

  19. Nominee for AirPark Advisory Commission not, appointed; Maricopa Co. Intergovernmental representative.

  20. Phillip Bell,

  21. Development & Acquisition P.B. Bell has developed over 2,500 apartment units in 15 communities in the greater Phoenix area. Four P.B. Bell communities including Reflections at Gila Springs, High Desert Village, Desert Parks Vista at DC Ranch and most recently Ashton Pointe have won Arizona Multi-housing awards for best development project over a multi-year period. In addition, High Desert Village won the prestigious NAA Paragon award for best garden style community developed nationwide in 2001. Chuparosas Luxury Apartments was the recipient of The City of Chandler's architectural award in 2007.

  22. Led by CEO Philip Bell and President Chapin Bell, the development and acquisition division directs all service as it pertains to these two areas. Philip and Chapin oversee the planning and execution of all acquisitions, new development and rehabilitation projects. Their vast array of services includes market analysis, pro forma development, financial analysis, project design, entitlement process coordination and project construction management.

  23. P.B. Bell's continued success in development led to the birth of sister company MT Builders, formed in 1995 with Michael Tarver and Philip Bell as principals. CEO Mike Tarver and many of the staff members have more than 30 years of experience in the Arizona construction industry and have completed over $500 million of construction work. MT Builders provides exceptional general contracting, construction management, and design-build services for multi-family and senior living communities, retail centers, churches, schools, and office/industrial buildings.

  24. MT Builders is recognized as one of Arizona's top contracting companies. They have been included multiple times in the Phoenix Business Journal's list of top commercial contractors, the ACE Awards for the largest privately owned companies in Arizona, and Ranking Arizona's list for best multi-family builders. In addition, several of the projects they have built are recipients of local and national awards. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  25. Mike Bidwill,

  26. Speaks for itself. Pres. AZ Cardinals and Immediate Past Pres. of Greater Phoenix Economic Council

  27. Susan Bitter-Smith,

  28. Executive Director, Arizona-New Mexico Cable Communications Association, owner of Technical Solutions public relations consulting who has worked closely with many businesses, builders and land owners in the Bar district and the downtown Scottsdale area. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  29. Michael Blaire,

  30. Owner Diamondback Drugs and candidate for state Legislature, Dist. 8

  31. Michael Block,

  32. Co-founder of the BASIS Scottsdale and BASIS Tucson charter schools.

  33. Eric Borowsky,

  34. President of Sun West Holdings, father of Todd Borowsky (Bar district bar owner) and Scottsdale City Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  35. Barry Broome,

  36. Pres. and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economics Council

  37. Drew Brown,

  38. Founder and chairman of the board, DMB master planned community developers: One Scottsdale, Silverleaf, DC Ranch, Center Pointe on Mill, Superstition Springs, Verrado, Power Ranch. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  39. Kurt Brueckner,

  40. Founding partner Titus, Brueckner & Levine, PLC; several positions on Board of Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce

  41. Jim Bruner,

  42. Exec. VP of Mutual of Omaha Bank, founding member Museum of the West. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  43. Doug Bruhnke,

  44. Founder and CEO of Growth Nation, international marketing, Scottsdale Sister Cities, World Affairs Council, Scottsdale Cultural Council. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  45. Issac Bunney,

  46. Stock broker with UBS Global Asset Management - Swiss Global financial service company, Basel and Zurich home offices.

  47. Kelly and Charlie Byxbee,

  48. Principals in McDowell Windgate Holding LLC recently purchased at auction state trust land at Bell Road and Thompson Peak Parkway to complete development of Windgate Crossing area. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  49. Sam Campana,

  50. Former Scottsdale Mayor

  51. Les Corirei,

  52. Owns and/or co-owns Axis Cigar Bar, Myst, Suede, RnR, The Mint. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  53. Susan and Don Cogman,

  54. Chairman of PulsePoint Group, public affairs and crisis issues management; vice chair Scottsdale Cultural Council. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  55. Eric Crown,

  56. Investor at Global Cabling Concepts (venture capital & private equity)

  57. John Dawson,

  58. President and managing director of Scottsdale Plaza Resort, LLC.
    Scottsdale Area Chamber member?


  60. Mike Dee,

  61. Arizona Foothills Magazine, President and publisher

  62. Mario Diaz,

  63. President of Mario E. Diaz & Associates, full-service government and public relations firm that serves a client base of political candidates, government entities, corporations, non-profit and labor organizations

  64. Patricia DiRoss,

  65. Intergovernmental rep Salt River Project

  66. Jeff Dunn,

  67. Co-founded Olley Trolley. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  68. Margaret Dunn,

  69. Olley Trolley owner. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  70. Steve Ellman,

  71. Invested in many investment considered failures of many to the best of our knowledge, Skysong, Westgate, Coyotes and others.

  72. Eric Filsinger,

  73. Planning Commissioner

  74. Royce Flora,

  75. Maricopa County Finance Manager

  76. President of Integrated Web Strategies

  77. Elliott Glasser,

  78. Real estate development, investments, (bought Scott Toyota property got rezoning; done nothing yet)

  79. Glasser owns properties up and down McDowell Road (and the downtown area, too).

  80. Gets rezoning and then sits on the property.

  81. Properties owned: Scott Toyota site at 6850 E. McDowell Rd.; old El Camino Theatre site on Scottsdale Rd. and others. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  82. Tom Frenkel,

  83. Commercial real estate management and development Scottsdale.ax Fose, Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  84. Sasha Glassman,

  85. Attorney, Tucson, Arizona

  86. Barry Goldwater, Jr.,

  87. Chairman of the Board Studio One Media, Inc. general entertainment

  88. Max Haechler,

  89. Swiss Consul for Arizona, real estate


  91. Sharon Harper,

  92. Chairman and CEO of Plaza Companies (developers[?] of SkySong). Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  93. Jim Hayden,

  94. President and CEO, Jim Hayden & Associates; past positions Regional Vice President at Rural/Metro Corporation; Regional vice President Southwest Ambulance. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  95. Mike Hoffmann,

  96. Executive Vice President Arizona Benefit Plans

  97. Randy Kendrick,

  98. Retired lawyer (resident of Paradise Valley)

  99. Suzanne Klapp,

  100. City councilwoman, owner of frame shop in Scottsdale, member of the Scottsdale Area Chamber?

  101. Trif Kupanoff,

  102. CEO of Phoenix Woman Magazine

  103. Scott LeMarr,

  104. Mayor of the Town of Paradise Valley

  105. Alex Malatesta,

  106. Owner of Paradise Valley Property Maintenance

  107. David Maniatis,

  108. Attorney

  109. Mike Manson,

  110. Retired Vice President of Johnson Bank and Treasurer for Lanes 2008 election campaign.

  111. Pat McGroder,

  112. Attorney; member of Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club, a public/private partnership with the City of Scottsdale. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?


  114. Cora and Paul Messinger,

  115. owner Messinger's Mortuary. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  116. Steve Moak,

  117. Vice President of Sales for Powerchalk

  118. Jaime Molera,

  119. Former state School Superintendent, found member of Alvarez Molera (see first name on list)

  120. Sean Noble,

  121. Former chief of staff for John Shadegg

  122. Ryan O'Daniel,

  123. Associate partner at Kyle Moyer & Company, corporate and political consultants. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  124. Jonathan Ornstein,

  125. Chairman and CEO Mesa Air Group, Inc.

  126. Dean Riesen,

  127. President Riesen & Company, investments. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  128. Dennis Robbins,

  129. Scottsdale City councilman, owner of Midas Muffler shops, and Scottsdale Area Chamber member

  130. Jordan Rose,

  131. Attorney; President of Rose Law Group. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  132. Jason Rose,

  133. President of Rose + Moser + Allyn Public and Online Relations, political consultants, reportedly for Jim Lane. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  134. Tom Sadavary,

  135. CEO Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  136. Matt Salmon,

  137. Former Congressman; attorney, lobbyist

  138. Bret Sassenberg,

  139. CEO of Ground Up Development, (Scottsdale Waterfront). Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  140. John Shadegg,

  141. Former Congressman; Senior Fellow at Goldwater Institute

  142. Billy Shields,

  143. Former Pres. of Phoenix Fire Fighters Union; lobbyist; and a boat load more this one needs more investigation

  144. Larry Sifert,

  145. Brian Sperber,

  146. Phoenix International Raceway President Bryan R. Sperber has been named as the No. 7 power broker by MVP Magazine in the second annual list of Top 30 Power Brokers in the Valley’s sports market

  147. Ray Torres,

  148. President, Torres & Associates, LLC, boutique business consulting, technology, and communication solutions firm to small to med-size companies. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  149. Steve Twist,

  150. Father of Lane's chief of staff, J. P. Twist; VP and General Counsel at Services Group of America, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona Area Food & Beverages industry; He is a founder of the Goldwater Institute, Arizona Voice for Crime Victims, and the Arizona Economic Forum. He served as a member of the State Board for Charter Schools, also serving as its President, and the Arizona Juvenile Justice Commission, both gubernatorial appointments. He serves on the board of two charter schools, Basis, with schools in Tucson and Scottsdale, and e-cademie, a school operated by the Goodwill of Central Arizona.


  152. Tommy Walker,

  153. Pres. Arizona Business Aviation Association; General manager Scottsdale AirCenter (aeronautical services: fueling, chartering and maintenance. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?

  154. George Weisz,

  155. Co-owner, Wolfley’s Neighborhood Grill & Majerle’s Sports Grill. Scottsdale Area Chamber member?


  157. Chad Willems,

  158. Russell Pearce's political consultant; Summit Consulting; runs Arpaio's re-election campaign.


  160. Jess Yescalis,

  161. Development Director Goldwater Institute; political consultant


This article IS NOT and indictment or any indication that ANY of these Citizen donors or Co-Chairs of or to Jim Lane's Re-Election Committee has or will ever do anything wrong, just merely information as to who is supporting Jim Lane for mayor and if there could possibly be even the slightest chance for Jim Lane to consider any remuneration of any kind because of their help or contributions.

It is up to you, the reader, to decide if a conflict of interest exists.

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~ Letters to the Editor:

~Is the Scottsdale Republic Using Selective Reporting??

Greetings Arizona Republic Management:

I have been holding out hope the Scottsdale Republic was serving the best interest of the public by reporting relevant news in a timely fashion. My hope has been seriously compromised.

As we all know, the issues in Scottsdale's bar district are relevant, especially in the upcoming election. Your Scottsdale Republic called the issue "The story of the year" for 2011.

It is a stunning and deplorable act of selective reporting and politically motivated, slanted journalism, that your Scottsdale editor would deliberately withhold a story by Edward Gately on code violations in the bar district until after the August 28th election.

This story has been ready for print for two weeks. The story (now watered down) reportedly details examples of blatant code violations by Scottsdale bars that have been trivialized or ignored by city elected officials and city staff. This is news that should be digested by voters prior to the election.

Is it true that a certain PR firm, who just so happens to represent incumbent elected officials in Scottsdale and bar owners, has enough control over the Scottsdale Republic Editor to be able to have this story held?

This is a serious betrayal of your journalistic responsibilities to the public. Hopefully the upper management is unaware of this and will want to correct this misstep and do what is right.

Therefore, I respectfully request you make this story immediately available to your readers either on-line through www.azcentral.com  or in the pages of the Arizona Republic State and Local edition Monday, August 27th of Tuesday, August 28th.

Let's see if you will do the right thing if given the opportunity to act.


Bill Crawford (602) 576-6797

President of the Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale's Quality of Life and candidate for Scottsdale City Council, 2012

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~You Have to Vote to FIX Scottsdale

Stand up Scottsdale residents and protect our community.  Vote for the only four candidates for Mayor and City Council who will protect our quality of life and low-density, western character.  Citizens from all parts of Scottsdale have come together in support of John Washington for Mayor and Guy Phillips, Chris Schaffner and Joanne “Copper” Phillips for Council.   These candidates encourage growth that follows the rules of our citizen-created General Plan for land usage and that brings long-term prosperity to us all.  They do NOT support high-rise, high-density development that only puts cash in the pockets of build-it-and-run speculators.

These are the only candidates with proven track records of working to keep our city unique and special as a premier tourist destination and as our chosen place to live.  Don’t divide your vote!  We must stand together and elect Washington, Phillips, Schaffner and Phillips to keep our beautiful City special.  

Kathy Littlefield
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260

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~Question from a Student

Why is our Planning Commission only made up of architects, developers, engineers and construction people? Other communities across the country include neighborhood leaders, small business owners, members of HOA’s and just plain residents who know about and care about their neighborhood and the community at large?  I am a college student home for the summer and studying city government policies and procedures. I am working towards a degree in urban planning and Scottsdale seems to be so out of step with other growing cities of comparable size?

J. Schneider
Tempe, Arizona (attending ASU)

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~Bar District IS Dangerous!!

I am one of those 20 something’s who travel from the wet Valley to enjoy the nightlife in Scottsdale.  There are lots of places that serve good food and some have fairly good entertainment. BUT........I am sorry to say that while I used to feel safe while visiting your town I don't feel that way anymore. 

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of police officers on the streets but they can only do so much. For example a couple of weeks ago the pedi-cab we were riding in ran up a curb and almost dumped my friends and I into the street where cars were going by. I am telling you this because nobody else seems to care.  

When some other friends were involved in an incident where the pin that holds the cab seats to the bicycle was "accidentally removed" (accidentally?), along with the seats tilting backwards sending my friends scrambling, there was almost a brawl between two different pedi-cab drivers. Why can't your city register these vehicles, at least, and why don't you have requirements for safety?  

My friends and I spend a couple of hundred dollars a night on drinks and food. It would be nice to know Scottsdale cared about our safety. 

Lynne B. 
Glendale, Arizona

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~Change the Council….

Dear Friends:

Like all of you I am concerned that the current majority on the Scottsdale City Council is taking our city in the wrong direction. While I will continue to fight to preserve Scottsdale’s high quality of life and economic vitality I am pretty much a minority of one at this point on the Council and I need your help.

The only way to fix this problem is to change the membership of the City Council in the upcoming elections. Fortunately, we already have two resident-friendly candidates in the race, Guy Phillips,  Chris Schaffner and "Copper" Phillips. Electing them to the Scottsdale City Council will go a long way to getting our city back on the right track and I support them both wholeheartedly.

Unfortunately, as resident-friendly candidates, Guy, Chris and "Copper" will be facing a Tsunami of special-interest money, not to mention the opposition of our local establishment newsletter posing as a newspaper. That means we are going to have to work hard to help them be elected, and at this stage of the campaign that means contributing money to their campaigns.

While a candidate does not need to have the most money to win, they do need to have enough money to get their message out to a very large number of potential voters.

So, all of us who care about Scottsdale’s future need to dig deep and send Guy, Chris and "Copper" some money. In this election cycle contributions are limited to $430 for individuals, $860 for couples.

Here is the info you need to contribute to their campaigns:

Please make checks out to:

Committee to Elect Guy Phillips

7131 E. Cholla St., Scottsdale, AZ 85254


Schaffner for Scottsdale

7346 E Sunnyside Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85260


Joanne "Copper" Phillips

7451 E. Via Dona Rd,  Scottsdale, AZ 85266


I know money is tight, but this upcoming election will probably determine whether Scottsdale stays a special place to live or becomes just another bland Phoenix suburb. So, please support Guy and Chris as much as you can.

I will certainly appreciate your help.

Bob Littlefield
Scottsdale City Councilman
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~A Letter from Council Candidate Bill Crawford:

A Powerful Voice for The People. A Champion of The Citizens.

“Scottsdale is at a crossroads. The need for new leadership and ideas has never been greater. I will protect and preserve the quality of life we deserve and promote economic vitality that honors Scottsdale’s heritage and builds a strong future.” – Bill Crawford

Honesty and Integrity:

I am committed to doing what is right for Scottsdale. I understand Scottsdale’s issues and I am pro-active in enforcing responsible, open, transparent and efficient city government.

A businessman for over 35 years:

I was recently inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame for my life’s work in health and fitness. My wife Debbie and I are downtown residents and have been downtown business owners since 1997.

Strong Public Safety and Law Enforcement History:

Years of volunteer service in the Sheriff’s office, search and rescue teams and firefighting. I support public safety as the number one priority of every municipality.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Community Leader:

I have been involved in multiple community issues resulting in action and change. I am dedicated .I have invested the time and has a proven track record for getting things done. Scottsdale Republic’s “2011 Who’s Who”…A key personality for solving problems in the entertainment district.

Advocate for Neighborhoods and Businesses:

I am a concerned mediator for the community, I am not afraid to confront any issue. I am responsive and proactive towards compatibility issues city-wide. I am the founder and president of the Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life.

Positive City-Wide Vision:

I am a supporter and advocate for local and new business, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, downtown compatibility, the McDowell Road revitalization, the Scottsdale Airpark, transportation improvements, education, tourism, the arts, the equestrian community and our unique character and lifestyle. I will support our diverse citizenry with responsible compatible change that will enhance our quality of life and maintain our valuable 60 year brand.

The choice is clear. Involvement! I lead by example, not promises. My accomplishments in life indicate what I will do when elected to the Scottsdale City Council.

As a 35 year business owner, I have always donated valuable time to community service including the US Olympic Committee, mountain rescue, volunteer fire fighting chamber boards, Scottsdale Symphony, Starshine Academy, Council Districts for Scottsdale, the US Navy, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse, The Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life and more.

I have been a constant in discussions concerning multiple Scottsdale issues since 1997, and I continue to be pro-active in community affairs. My actions bring results. I don't just offer criticism, I bring solutions.

As a community leader and a powerful voice who has been engaged in a hostile conflict in the bar district, I am honored to be a champion for citizens, protecting quality of life. As I continue to shield residents and businesses from undesirable consequences of incompatible zoning and conditional use permits, I am unyielding when it comes to maintaining my position on high ground, on the right side of critical issues, protecting residents, property values, businesses and jobs city wide.

WHO I AM.....

Scottsdale is a very special place for me. It’s where my wife, Debbie, and I have lived and worked happily for over 15 years. But the need for new leadership and ideas has never been more apparent than now as Scottsdale must work to preserve its quality of life and to embrace change. While some believe this will be difficult, I believe it’s imperative we support our diverse citizenry with responsible change that actually enhances quality of life. This is why I’m running for Scottsdale City Council and asking for your vote.

For 35 years, I’ve had the privilege to own and operate my own fitness business. Recently, I was humbled by induction into the National Fitness Hall of Fame for my lifelong contribution to health and fitness. My passion for fitness is equal only by my desire to give back to community. I have served on The U.S. Olympic Committee, the Ouray Mountain Rescue Team, a volunteer fire department and multiple civic organizations. I volunteer with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse on mounted search and rescue missions and armed dignitary protection assignments.

Over the past year, as founder and president of The Association to Preserve Downtown Scottsdale’s Quality of Life, I have advocated for downtown neighborhood residents and businesses, resulting in improvements to parking, lighting, noise and littering ordinances and an increase in law enforcement oversight. My work is not finished, and I need your help.

Your vote to seat me on city council is extremely important to ensure citizens have a voice to protect and preserve their quality of life and to promote economic vitality that honors Scottsdale’s heritage and builds a strong future. I am always committed to doing what’s right for our city.


Character. Honesty, integrity, conviction, justice, charity, volunteerism and open government.

Public Safety. History in law enforcement, search and rescue and fire fighting.

Quality of Life. Advocate of fitness, equestrian and The McDowell Mountain Preserve.

Business. 35 year business owner. Supporter of tourism, arts and employment opportunities.

Development. Advocate of quality compatible growth enhancing quality of life.

As a longtime community leader, I have brought awareness to many Scottsdale issues city wide. Over the years I have written more published My Turn columns on Scottsdale issues than anyone. I have influenced action and change from the appointment of a city treasurer to the McDowell Mountain Preserve and the equestrian center. I am a powerful voice for residents and businesses. Downtown, in less than one year as an outsider to city government, I have accomplished much:

  •  New ordinances aimed at protecting the quality of life we deserve.

  • Increased parking, permit parking, reduced parking in residential neighborhoods.
  • Improved anti-littering ordinance.
  • Strengthened anti-urination and defecation ordinance.
  • Increased law enforcement and additional lighting.
  • Institution of a noise ordinance, which still needs to be strengthened.

I can accomplish even more with your vote. My presence on city council is vital to protect and preserve Scottsdale’s quality of life and promote business compatible with Scottsdale’s valuable brand. This is a serious campaign and the stakes are high for Scottsdale. You can help me with my effort. I have invested the time, dedication and I have the proven track record for getting things done. Your vote is crucial. Visit my Website to learn more. May I please have your vote!

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Bill Crawford

Scottsdale City Council Candidate 2012


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~In Response....

........to the Jim Lane Campaign flier on Neighborhoods and the Scottsdale Republics omissions: 

Just once it would be nice to know that the Scottsdale Republic was paying attention to Neighborhoods and the way the "City was doing the business of the people,” in that regard.

Neighborhoods are of absolutely no importance to Lane even his poorly designed campaign mailers couldn’t come up with anything positive that he has done, even referring to the bar district and surrounding neighborhoods. 

 There is no entertainment district in the General Plan, either by definition or location. It only appears on a commercially produced tourist map. Those bars have had a negative impact on the single family residential neighborhoods surrounding the Downtown, as well as the older multifamily complexes outside of the so called entertainment/bar district and not just due to the noise factor. 

Lane goes on about toughening litter ordinances, noise ordinances, public urination ordinances and parking permits, but none of those ordinances and amendments have followed the board and commission process nor have they gone through the appropriate public hearing process that allows establishing enforceable ordinances. 

That means that there is room for offenders to challenge the city on citations and fines. We just love to go to court in this city. 

What Lane gave neighborhoods is the “infill incentive district zoning” for the Downtown that so far has seen high-rise apartment projects approved for the fringe areas bordering with the Southern Scottsdale Community Planning Area's residential neighborhoods. And that can be amended to be used in other parts of Scottsdale.

Some staffers were instructed to keep quiet about the “IID” unless asked. Public meeting notices were sent to many addresses in the Villa Monterey Historic Neighborhood area while folks were on vacation (it was June, 2010). The City chose to use an antiquated notification system that staff recommended updating 10 years ago. 

And wouldn’t you know it. As soon as the Council passed the Infill Incentive District that night in July 2010, by a 4 – 3 vote with Lane in full support. Jason Rose (a fund raiser for Lane and a campaign advisor) reached over Nancy Cantor’s shoulder with his business card so that he could make an appointment for the representative from Gray Development’s, Scottsdale and Camelback Roads, BlueSky project, to chat about what they wanted to build. 

We are asking for responsible, respectful long term economic development. 

No more carte blanche for whatever a developer wants and the residents be damned. 

We need a responsible, informed Council and Mayor, making the decisions impacting our neighborhoods, not developers and their attorneys. We need a City Attorney that understands our General Plan and the amending process and doesn’t have to ask the applicants attorney for interpretation of our General Plan. 

From Code Enforcement to infill development we need more than election year grandstanding. We need commitment to the existing vision for our neighborhoods stated in the General Plan 

The future of Scottsdale’s economic vitality includes healthy, safe neighborhoods and a sound General Plan.  

Don’t look to Lane for that leadership. 

This letter is signed by: 

George Knowlton, 31+ year resident and past member of the Neighborhood Enhancement Commission, and long time city activist who deeply cares about Scottsdale,

Joe Campodallorto, Born and raised in Scottsdale, and past Chairman of the Housing Board (two terms) and Neighborhood Advisory Commission, past member of the Environmental Quality Advisory Board, past member of the Building Advisory Board (eight years) who deeply cares about Scottsdale,

Patty Badenoch, Life long Scottsdale resident, and past member of the Neighborhood Enhancement Commission (two terms)and long time city activist who deeply cares about Scottsdale,

Nancy Cantor, 57 year resident and past vice chair of the Neighborhood Enhancement Commission (two terms) and Housing Board (two terms), and long time city activist who deeply cares about Scottsdale,


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~ Information You Can Use

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This is NOT for Children.

I don't normally allow anything but Scottsdale information in the Scottsdale Activist but after receiving many emails about this and viewing it, I think that it's imperative that every adult at least look at what's offered here if for  nothing more than their own education and to have everyone stop and think about the future of our country. Click on the link below,


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~Continuing Light Rail Information

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~ Find Great Gas Prices

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